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Are you looking for a memento of Titisee? Then pay us a visit. In one of our four shops you will surely find a souvenir that will remind you of our beautiful Black Forest and our beautiful Titisee.

Cuckoo clocks
ganzjähriger Weihnachtsmarkt
Year-round Christmas market
Gifts and decoration articles
Black Forest specialities
Wristwatches of internal. brands

In our stores as well as through our online shop you will find every kind of classic Black Forest cuckoo clocks. We offer original cuckoo clocks manufactured in the Black Forest with mechanical or battery-powered movements.

In our Christmas market you can indulge in Christmas feelings all over the year. Here you will find nutcrackers, pyramids, candle arches and 1000 other decorative ideas for an unforgettable Christmas holydays.

In our warehouses you will find a beautiful and large selection of decorative items. Here you can enjoy strolling through the different rooms and discover your favourite souvenirs.

We Black Forest folks are not only known for our clocks. The culinary well-being is also very important to us. Hence in our shops we offer a large variety of Black Forest specialities made in the region: exquisite spirits, liqueurs, Black Forest ham or genuine German honey.

Our love for clocks began with the cuckoo clock, but our heart goes out for every clock. We offer you all kinds of clocks, starting with the small magnetic clock for the refrigerator up to elegant wristwatches, decorative Regulator clocks, wall clocks and our magnificent floor clocks.

In our shops you will find all kinds of nice souvenirs and small presents to remind yourself or those who have stayed at home of your holiday in our beautiful Black Forest.

See you sometime soon!