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The Brunner Family

As early as in the 1920s, my grandfather Egon Steimer was one of the first clockmakers in the Upper Black Forest. He produced original Black Forest cuckoo clocks and shield clocks of highest quality. At this time the first contacts to overseas, the USA and Canada but also to Great Britain and Switzerland were made.


A large part of my grandfathers´customers came from these countries because the Black Forest cuckoo clocks were the epitome of homeland emotions. It was also Egon Steimer who established the first cuckoo clock shop in the USA in New York between the world wars. To this day, the great relationship to my international clientele has been maintained, and I am especially cultivating it.


In the meantime, an incredible amount of customers


from the Far East, South America, South Africa and Asia have become part of our cuckoo clock family. Like everywhere else, our business with and about clocks has become very global and international.


In 1994 I built a new three-storey commercial building in the Seestraße in Titisee. A lot of cuckoo clocks, wristwatches and many more gifts are offered here, a home-decoration department was set up and as a special attraction there is a year-round Christmas market over an entire floor.

Today we sell everything that makes TICK all over the world. And to ensure that our customers are served fast and well, I have my own shipping department that packs and ships safely and reliably.


With my more than 70 employees in the sales department, the office, in the shipping department and with my home-based workers, we aim to provide all our customers with an extraordinary shopping experience. Your satisfaction, your joy of shopping and giving is our motivation.

I am looking forward to your visit.

Alexander Brunner